Meet The Hosts

Beatbox Jake

Beatbox Jake is the host of The Biscuits and Gravy Morning Show (Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 6am-9am), as well as The Blast (Tuesdays and Thursdays 8pm-10pm). He is the former host of The Biscuits and Gravy podcast, as well as the former Co-Host of The cody. Live Podcast   















Ed Dawg

Ed Dawg is the host of The Rock Waves (Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8pm-10pm) & The Sports Show (Saturdays 8am-10pm). Ed has a background in College radio and is a sports fanatic!

















The Chancellor

The Chancellor is the host of The Space Program (Saturdays 5pm-7pm). The Chancellor is a 31-year accomplished musician with 23 years as a club DJ. Raised in highly eclectic roots, he brings a wide, diverse knowledge of music across all soundscapes. 

















DJ K8 is the host of Halcyon Radio, a live Drum and Bass Mix Show (Saturdays 7pm-9pm) K8 has hosted Halcyon Radio for 6 years on two stations, WPRK in Orlando, Fl. and WLNS in Lansing, MI. 






Rob Charles

Rob is your host weekdays from 10am-Noon! Rob has been in radio for over 20 years, with experience in AM/FM and Online Radio!


DJ John Phenomenon

DJ John Phenomenon is the host of Famous Frequency, brought to us in part by CMI Radio every Friday Night from 9pm-11pm!

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